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5 Key Benefits of a Home Dehumidifier

Here are our top 5 reasons we believe getting a filtration system that contains a dehumidifier is the best option for your home: 
  • Mould and mildew are aspects that you always want to avoid in your house, and without the proper air filtration, it becomes more likely that you have to deal with it at some point. Our systems will lower the musty odours that would generally trigger mould or mildew growth, which means that you won’t have to worry about it as much.   • Dust i...

May 30, 2022

Tradesmanship you can Trust

At Cozy NZ, we realise that your home is one of your biggest investments. Looking after that investment as well as improving it, is what we’re all about. We pride ourselves on our quality trademanship and continued improvement. That’s why we are members of the Master Builders Association as well as the Windows & Glass Association of New Zealand and our installers are fully certified tradesmen. Not only that, we partner with the best. All of our double glazed units are manufactured using Viri...

May 30, 2022

6 Key Areas for improving Energy Efficiency in your Home

Creating a sustainable, energy efficient home is environmentally friendly, improves the health and comfort of your home and reduces your spend on energy bills. What’s not to love.  So let’s look at some key areas that could really impact the environmental sustainability of your home and improve your homes coziness at the same time.  Drafts When cold drafts are forcing their way into you home, it makes it especially hard to heat and maintain heat in your home. A low cost, fast solut...

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