Understanding Your Double Glazing Options with Cozy NZ

Double glazing’s broad definition is; two panes of glass separated by a sealed pocket, typically air or gas. However within double glazing there are three installation options; retrofit double glazing, double glazed insert windows, and full replacement windows & doors. 

Double Glazing can create many benefits for your home such as increased warmth, reduced condensation and reduced sound transmission, however, there are different options that have an affect on the overall effectiveness, look and feel of your install. 

Retrofit Double Glazed Windows and Doors

Retrofit double glazing is the process of changing your existing aluminum framed single glazed glass to double glazing, without the removal of your window frames. The change provides the many benefits of double glazing listed above, while maintaining the original aluminium window frames. 

It is also the more affordable option for those wanting immediate benefits of double glazing without a large outlay caused by the replacement of joinery.

The downside of retrofit double glazing is that it only improves the glass component of your home, therefore, you are unable to do any colour changing or modernising to the look and feel of your home. 

Double Glazed Insert Window

Insert windows allow you to maintain your timber frames on the outside to keep the look and feel of your home, while replacing your existing joinery with new aluminum inserts.

Double glazed inserts allow you to get the benefits from both insulted windows and joinery. 

This option is mid-range in price and allows you to choose a new colour and configuration for your windows with greater security. 

The downside of insert windows is that your timber frames are still in place and will require maintenance, eventually deteriorating in full forcing a full replacement. Insert windows can also be less effective on glass doors due to the limited customisation abilities. 

Full Replacement Double Glazed Windows and Doors

Full replacement is the optimal installation choice for maximising the effectiveness of your double glazing while increasing the value of your home. It involves the removal of your full window structure which is then replaced with a new double glazed unit and new joinery.

Full replacement allows you to choose any style, colour and configuration for your install while ensuring everything is up to date with the latest building code and government recommendations. You will receive optimal double glazing benefits and have the option to change the sill height of your windows to create a new flow in your space. 

Full replacement is the most labour intensive option, and is therefore more expensive, however, it will provide the most benefit to your home.   

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