Should I upgrade my rental property to double glazing?

When owning a rental property it often pays to invest in the quality of your property, so that you can keep good tenants and charge higher rent. One of the ways you can increase the quality of your rental property is through double glazing. Below are a few reasons why this is a good investment for you:

1. Retain Good Tenants

One of the primary benefits of double glazing is the increased insulation. Double glazed windows are designed to keep your house warm in summer and cooler in winter. This is appealing to tenants as it will aid in creating a healthy home for them and their family, while also reducing their spend on energy bills.

2. Future Proof Your Rental

The government has slowly been increasing the healthy homes requirements for rentals over the past few years. The recent change in insulation rules saw many landlords rushing to insulate their rentals in order to meet requirements on time, this caused a shortage in supply.

Although double glazing is not yet compulsory it is guaranteed to help you meet the new heat retention requirements. It is also likely to be compulsory in the future and by upgrading now you can avoid the rush later on.

3. Reduce Mould & Mildew

Damp homes lead to an increase in mould and mildew which leads to sick tenants and damage to your property. One of the tools you can use to fight damp homes is double glazing. Double glazed windows feature an insulated layer between the internal and external panes of glass that separates the two contrasting temperatures, reducing condensation and increasing heat retention.

4. Increase Capital Gains

Research has shown that by replacing your single glazed windows with double glazing you can increase the value of your property by 10%. This means when you do go to sell you will be putting money back into your own pocket.

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