What’s all the fuss about Low-E Glass?

When choosing your windows one of the most important decisions you will have to make is the type of glass you use. It is estimated that 70% of energy loss occurs through your window and doors while 90% of window heat loss alone occurs through the glass. 

What most consumers don’t know is that there are a range of different double glazing options and that performance varies substantially depending on the choice you make. 

Here at Cozy NZ we recommend the use of low emissivity glass or more commonly known as Low-E glass. Low-E glass is designed to have a lower rate of heat loss when compared to other types of glass. Its primary difference is that it has a very thin coating applied to one side of the glass that acts as an invisible insulation barrier for your windows. This means better thermal insulation for your home.

The increased insulation allows the glass to let light in while returning heat to its source, meaning warmer homes in winter and cooler homes in summer. Resulting in smaller power bills and less condensation.

When choosing your Low-E glass you have two choices with Cozy NZ; Lightbridge & Performatech. Lightbridge is a premium Low-E glass solution that reduces heat loss by 54% compared to ordinary double glazing. With 82% light transparency. 

Performatech is also a premium Low-E glass solution however it is accompanied by argon gas and a thermal spacer. This increases its heat retention leading it to reduce heat loss by 62% compared to ordinary double glazing. With 73% light transparency. 

Contact Cozy NZ today to discuss your glass options. Ensuring you make the best choice for your home.